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About manglik dosh

Manglik is a common word today. But who is Manglik, astrologically or what is Manglik Dosh is not known to common man. However nearly all believe this myth. During matching of Horoscopes of boy and girl before marriage people consult Pandits, which results into rejection of most agreeable match of boy and girl and mental pain to love birds.
Nothing is found in any classical text about Manglik. Even Astrologers don’t have agreement on it. Isn’t it surprising?
The myths related to the Manglik Dosh are :

1) If one of the Horoscope of boy or girl has Manglik Dosh the other one will die after marriage.
2) If in the above case death will not take place there will be lot of problems faced in the lifetime.
3) If Girl is a Manglik and boy is not a Manglik girl is inauspicious even to her in-laws. Even one of the in-laws may also die.
According to most of the Astrologers of present times if Mars occupies 1,2,4,7,8,12 Houses from the Ascendant, Moon or Venus the native is a Manglik or having Manglik Dosh. According to them, this is because if Mars is in

1st House, this being natural malefic affects the brain & makes a person aggressive.
2nd House, this being the main house of speech and family, the presence of Mars is not desired here.
4th House, this being the prime house of home, the presence of Mars is also not desired.
7th House, this being the prime house of marriage, the presence of Mars is also not desired here.
8th House, this being the prime house of “in-laws” and “death”, presence of Mars is not desired.
12th House, this being prime house of death & bed pleasures.

In a Horoscope Native will be considered a Manglik in following cases: Positions of Mars from Ascendant discussed above which makes a Native Manglik