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Monthly Rashi Phal

Monthly Rashiphal for February-2017
You begin February in social mode, dear Aries. This is a time for sharing your time and expertise. However, Mercury's retrograde in your social sector from the 12-28 can stimulate some confusing situations, or perhaps you could be feeling a little out of touch with friends and associates. With Venus now direct, you can experience improved career relations, financial picture, and your own spirit in love. Others demand a lot of your time, and much of your energy can go towards attending to the people in your life. At times you can feel overwhelmed. Romantic or social flare-ups and possibly blurred boundaries can cause some friction mid-month, and discoveries made now might prompt you to change course. You have been analyzing many aspects of your life, including love, and this trend will continue, but in February, the fog hanging over money and/or love lifts.Your confidence and energy levels increase after a period of lull. However, Mars is slowing down as it prepares for a retrograde cycle, from March 1-May 19, and some of the projects you begin now could fall under the radar later. Itís best to give the stage to others now, and to put your personal projects on the back burner temporarily.
Ideally, recent reflection pays off in February, dear Taurus, with your ruler, Venus, turning direct after retrograde motion since December 20th. Decisions come more easily, and you are likely to be clearer about what kind of changes you need to make to improve your life. Educational, legal, and travel plans tend to move forward now. Your personal magnetism is strong in February. Work and career are in strong focus this month, although there can be some backtracking from the 12-28, and possible difficulty either with co-workers or with work availability. Your daily life is likely to be especially busy this month, but it's important not to push yourself too hard with an upcoming retrograde of Mars in your health and work sector. You can be very enthusiastic about new endeavors, but motivation can drop to zero during the Mars retrograde. Mid-month, you can feel pulled in many different directions, as people in your life seem to be odds with one another, or you could have a hard time doing a balancing act attending to career, relationships, and family. There can be inspiring interactions with friends or associates, however, and others may be turning to you for support or advice. You may be privy to a secret, and keeping it gives you a special feeling.
Romantic relations can be fiery, passionate, and possibly quite temperamental this month, dear Gemini. You might also be actively pursuing hobbies, sideline entertainment, and creative activities. As enthusiastic as you can be, however, there may be reason to backtrack, a change of heart, or some decrease in motivation experienced when Mars retrogrades from March 1-May 19. Try not to put all of your eggs into one basket. February brings improved relations generally speaking, however, with Venus now direct. People are more sociable, warmer when it comes to expressing affection, and more willing to move forward. There may be some difficult decisions or complicated situations with your work or career in February. You might begin the month feeling on top, but then second-guess yourself or your decisions a week later. Fortunately, you'll have plenty of time to get back to a feeling of being in charge. You are called upon to bring more imagination and creativity to your work or business. Mid-month can bring a sudden awareness of overload in your daily life, and adjustments need to be made. You could also be feeling less energetic or physically up to par around this time. Finances can improve, and for some, a loan could come through, or you could receive a bonus this month.
Venus has been spending a longer than usual time in your partnership sector, dear Cancer, and almost wraps it up this month (Venus leaves this sector on March 5th). This leg of the journey is the better part, as Venus is no longer retrograde, and a partnership, or relationships with significant people in your life, really begin to warm up. Others are more willing to open up this month, and less inclined to be stuck on problems and complications of the past. Family life is animated and sometimes challenging this month. You can feel enthusiastic about making changes and improvements to your home or to your domestic life. However, try not to take on too much, as there can be some waning of enthusiasm experienced in upcoming months. There can be small crises with finances in February with the Full Moon mid-month and a retrograde of Mercury in your solar eighth house from the 12-28. This is not the time to apply for a loan or to count on support from others. There may be delays or stumbling blocks experienced now. Travel, education, long-term plans, and spiritual matters are especially favorable from the 18th forward, and particularly on the last two days of February. Your imagination is powerful and you have a real taste for the exotic.
Your ego is very much tied up in the success of relationships with others this month, dear Leo, and this means you are especially attentive to the needs of loved ones. Negotiations and diplomacy are highlighted in February. Fortunately Venus is now direct, and this comes more easily than it did in recent weeks. However, try not to fall for the trap that others are in charge of your happiness. By the 14th, your own personal needs and emotions demand attention. This is a time for finding a balance between independence and togetherness. Your emotions are on your sleeve right now, and your ruler's square to Saturn can point to a feeling of lack of support, particularly from family members. With Mars in your solar third house, your interests are plenty in February. You might easily get worked up when it comes to your ideas and opinions, and it can be difficult to hold your tongue these days! You can become very impatient with people who are beating around the bush, and unfortunately, there is a lot of that going on in February. When it comes to taking on new interests and projects, use some discretion. Donít accept responsibility for more than you can handle - you have enough on your plate. Mars will turn retrograde from March 1-May 19, and you might lose interest or lack motivation.
There can be much activity and focus on work, analysis, re-organization, and fixing problem areas in your life in February, dear Virgo. It's a good time for implementing health and fitness programs and for working enthusiastically on projects, but not necessarily the best month for financial stability. Try to avoid making quick decisions about your money, particularly when it comes to sharing or lending it. You can be a little scattered when it comes to getting things done, but very inclined to take on a full load. Naturally, there will be a point when you recognize an overwhelming need for rest and spiritual renewal, and this is likely to occur around the time of the Full Moon on the 14th. New developments and surprises revolving around a partnership are in store in February, but watch for the tendency towards communication breakdowns. Confusing circumstances on the job, and a feeling of being in over your head with daily chores, could leave you feeling guilty. Cut yourself some slack. Enjoy some healthy recreation and break away from the routine. After weeks of retrograde motion, Venus is now direct, and this can improve your relations with others and your powers of attraction as well. For some, a recent encounter or discovery has helped you to move forward.
You have a greater need to express yourself this month, dear Libra, and with Venus, your ruler, no longer retrograde, you should be well-received. Entertaining, recreation, romance, children, and hobbies - all of these things appeal more than usual. Your charm increases and your romantic life picks up pace. Around the time of the Full Moon on the 14th, a friend may need your assistance. Responsibilities to others become very clear, and they can feel like a burden at first, but fulfilling them will lead to a stronger sense of satisfaction. Domestic matters move forward after a lull. In fact, it's a very strong month for bringing more harmony to your family life. When it comes to work and health, keep your eye out for deception or self-deception. If you find that you're only going through the motions when it comes to work, let time pass before making any decisions. Mars in your sign for an extended stay boosts your ability to assert yourself, but it can also increase your impatience at times. Take a good look at what makes you angry, especially when it seems to be irrational or unreasonable, and work on ways to express excess energy constructively. Energy levels are strong, but be careful not to take on too much. When Mars is retrograde in your sign, from March 1-May 19, you may be retracing some of the steps you're taking now, or second-guessing your recent decisions. However, while short-term projects begun now might fizzle out later, you can certainly plant some seeds for long-range plans.
February brings a strong focus on home and family, dear Scorpio. Renovations, redecorating, and making improvements that allow more freedom as well as organization and comfort on the home front can have long-lasting results, although from the 12-28, there can be some temporary waning of interest. There is a lot going on on the inside again this month - a trend that will continue until July, in fact. Your private life is animated, and you are likely processing events from the past, as well as resentment and anger that have been buried. It's a whole lot of work! However, ultimately, it's very cleansing. You're also bound to experience a rich dreaming life, and entertain unusual desires and fantasies. Events and circumstances occurring around the 14th give you a push to handle professional matters, especially if you've been distracted or focused too heavily on personal affairs. Venus is no longer retrograde this month, and this shift can lead to improved relations with a partner. Students can enjoy more pleasant circumstances at school, and many Scorpios may appreciate easier connections with acquaintances, siblings, and neighbors. Any recent difficulties can be smoothed over with simple gestures and kind words. February ends on a high note, with more time for recreation from the 18th, and increased faith in life in general.
You are more of a free agent this month, dear Sagittarius, and you are likely to come up with more ideas and plans than you can count. However, you should definitely watch for committing to more of these than you can reasonably manage. Friendships and contacts can be difficult at times this month, and in fact, until mid-year. Money and friends don't mix well in February. Resentment can build if there are unresolved issues lingering around. Good news on the home front, about property or family members, can be part of the picture, and finances are clearer in February. Family life demands more imagination and a creative approach. You are feeling very much at ease in the world of the mind this month, but your social life can be demanding or challenging with Mercury retrograde in your communications sector from the 12-28 and Mars animating your social sector. There can be friend and lover connections for some of you. With all that's going on around you, be careful not to let the little things cloud your perspective of the bigger picture. If you do, the 14-15 could be especially tense. Information overload could be an issue, if you let it become one. Until the 18th, you can be especially busy with paperwork, errands, learning, and intellectual projects - and perhaps dealing with transportation or communication breakdowns. From the 18th, family and those close to home come into larger focus. You are needing more down time.
With Venus ending its retrograde in your sign, you're coming out of a fog of indecision and doubt, dear Capricorn. While you may have been questioning your powers of attraction, value, or talents in recent weeks, in February, you're feeling stronger, more content, and happy with yourself. This reflects outward, and you're bound to see improvement in your relationships with others. You are attracting positive attention on a personal level, particularly when it comes to love. While matters of career and reputation improve somewhat, conflict and tension can be brewing. Your ambition is stimulated, but it's important not to take on more than you can reasonably handle, as there can be changes of heart during Mars' retrograde from March 1-May 19, when you can strongly regret having too much on your plate. There may be some financial concerns to contend with from the 12-28. An intuition or hunch for a money-making idea can occur around the 15th. This can be a fabulous idea, but it will take time to come up with a realistic plan of action. There may be some drama around the same time involving taxes, loans, investments, or a partner's income. It could be time to settle some of your debts, financial or otherwise. February is for concentrating on building your resources, buying new things that have long-term shelf life, making more of what you have, and thinking up ideas for making money. There is a strong focus on security and comfort matters, although after the 18th, you're more inclined to branch out. New plans are likely to require more thought and refinement, so avoid rushing. The 27-28 brings new opportunities for learning, teaching, sharing, and possibly publishing or promotion for some of you.
You begin the month in a position of personal power, dear Aquarius, with the Sun in your sign (until the 18th) and energetic Mars in harmony with your Sun. Retrograde Mercury moving into your sign on the 12th, however, could have you questioning recent choices. You're called to approach your finances or business from a more imaginative perspective this month. While you may want to wait before launching your more important business or financial plans, pay special attention to the ideas coming to you throughout February, and do your research. You could be feeling quite inspired. The Full Moon on the 14th brings a close partnership or your relationship with others into focus, after a couple of weeks of quite a bit of attention to your own needs and personal plans. Love continues to be private, but less complicated in general in February. Some confusing situations or problems begin to unravel. Energy is generally good this month, but the enthusiasm you have for some of the new interests or projects you take up now could wane from March to mid-May, when Mars is retrograde. Adjustments will be necessary. Watch for overextending yourself in the last week of February, when you might take on far too much and your daily schedule could become overloaded.
February is a month for dusting off ideas you've previously put on the shelf, dear Pisces. Your attention turns to the past so that you can decide which projects, ideas, or situations you might salvage or scrap. This is not the most decisive months, however, with Mercury retrograde first in your sign until the 12th, and then in your privacy sector until the last day of the month. The Sun enters your sign on February 18th, but it won't be until after the New Moon in Pisces on March 1st that you feel confident and powerful enough to push forward with personal plans. Even so, people are paying attention. There can be a lot of your energy focused on helping or supporting others this month, and you might often find yourself in a position of go-between or mediator. Intimate matters can be challenging or complicated, and this can extend into March. Watch finances carefully - particularly those that are shared. You can be especially intuitive and at times quite distracted and preoccupied this month. Relationships with friends and associates improve considerably. If you've been out of touch or dealing with confusing situations, you'll find that these issues clear up in February. People are warmer and more inclined to reach out.