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Refund/cancellation policy:

  • Once the payment has been made online or by depositing the amount in the account numbers mentioned on the website, there shall be NO REFUND OF THE MONEY for any kind of services offered mentioned on the website like for Paid Membership Registration for 6 months or for 1 year, individual fee for kind of services offered on the website like horoscope request, request for special pooja, immediate question/tatkal prshan, match making charges for matrimonial alliance, manglik Milan service for matrimonial, shanni pooja, kal sarp pooja aor any other kind of paid services offered on the website.
  • will not take any responsibility of any kind of transaction failure at the payment gateway service provider’s end (payment gateway service provider’s website) or any kind of fraud, security loss while/after making the online payment through the website BUT on the payment gateway service provider’s website/end.